Vermont Technical Help has your technology solutions.  We work with both businesses and residential customers to cure your technology woes.

Some services we offer include:

Virus Removal (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)

  • Most times we can remove the virus without losing your data.  However, in some instances its necessary to completely re-install your operating system.  Even in these instances we have the technology to save your crucial data.  There’s no need to lose your data just because you are infected.

Internet Connectivity/Networking setup (Office or home)

  • We can setup your office or home network for you, or if you are having network issues or are unable to connect to the Internet, we can help!

Web Site Design

  • We have been designing web pages since the early 90s (early Internet) and have created literally hundreds of web sites for everything from Credit Unions to Radio Stations.  We can create a website for you that will represent your business on the web and tell the world what makes your businesses unique.

Computer Repairs /PC Upgrades

  • We have done factory repair work for Dell, Acer, Compaq and many others.  We can handle your computer repairs and many times you don’t need a new computer.  Upgrading your memory (ram) or hard drive space can give your computer new life.

Security Systems

  • Need security cams to monitor your business or home?  We can install state of the art security cam systems that you can view from any web browser or even from your smart phone. These systems will record thousands of hours of video and they cost much less than you might think!