Refurbished Computers!

One of the best kept secrets in the computer industry are Refurbished Computers. Refurbished Deals

Refurbished Computers are computers that have been returned either at the retail outlet due to a problem, or after a stint as a “leased office computer”.

These computers are returned to the manufacturer and are put through the “re-manufacturing process”.  The are cleaned, have all the data wiped from the drive, have a new Operating System installed and are then run through the same tests that new computers go through and they carry the same warranty as a new computer, but they sell for a fraction of what a new computer sells for.

These computers will sometimes be from a previous model year like the Core 2 Duo series instead of the newer Core i3 or Core i5 Series computers that are currently being sold.

These computers are VERY fast and capable and if you look at benchmark test results between the Core 2 Duo 3ghz processor as compared to the newer Core i5 series, you will see that for most uses, they are very comparable.  For surfing the web, listening to music,  editing office documents and even editing video and playing games (with a good video card) they perform extremely well.

If you are interested in a refurbished system, please talk to us and lets see what we can find for you.